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New Money Hub is a think tank focusing on monetary theory and stable economic systems. Our research is supporting the development of sikoba, a decentralised money platform that is based on peer-to-peer IOUs and credit conversion.

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= The sikoba (formerly newmoneyhub) platform can be summarised as follows:

"Using mutual credit systems that are not backed by money, but by IOUs of particpants who trust each other, the need for an external money supply is limited to a minimum. Every peer-to-peer credit relationship is governed by a contract with specific conditions, fee structure and repayment rules. Using credit conversion, payments between participants who do not trust each other become possible. The system will automatically take care of optimal payment paths, netting and clearing. We will support fiat money via gateways, cryptocurrencies as well as many use cases such as inter-company credit networks. Our goal is to provide a platform for operating any monetary system one can think of, together with the tools allowing all of these different systems to interact.”

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= We are developing the Credit Conversion Theory of Money, which is an extension of the Credit Theory of Money as originally proposed by Alfred Mitchell Innes.

= We wish to reposition Economics as a branch of moral philosophy. In our view the most important unresolved question of economics is that of stable economic systems and we are working on an approach which we tentatively call civilised economic systems.

= Finally, we have an interest in crypto-finance technology, especially as far as the development of systems that are both distributed and secure.