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Money, Credit Conversion and the legacy of Mitchell-Innes

"Money, Credit Conversion and the legacy of Mitchell-Innes" (1st edition December 2016 - currently working on an updated version)

The first part of the book contains a collection of short texts on money. The Credit Conversion Theory of Money is introduced, which focuses on what is, on a purely technical level, a key aspect of money: the transformation of debt into money.

The second part of the book is dedicated to Alfred Mitchell-Innes, who was maybe the first person to present a truly modern theory of money. Writing in 1913, he simply stated: credit and credit alone is money. After an introduction to Mitchell-Innes’s Credit Theory and a summary of his main ideas, reprints of the original articles from The Banking Law Journal are provided. Finally, the review that J.M. Keynes wrote in 1914 is also reproduced.

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Or you can just download a pdf version for free.